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Monday, August 21, 2006
  The Perils of a Long Career
Oh Mr. Hasselhoff, how many photo shoots have you done? And in how many have you been, ahem, moistened? Is it because of Baywatch? Do you ever pine for the relatively dry days of Y&R or Knight Rider?

Oh well, at least you still have that manly chest hair thing going on. (And if you kind of hunch your back and lean forward, it TOTALLY looks like you have cut abs. Dude.)
Thursday, August 17, 2006
  The David Hasselhoff Paper Airplane of Terror!
Someone at work fired this thing at me the other day... The David Hasselhoff Paper Airplane of Terror!

Man, I wonder what the good people of Heathrow Airport would have done if they saw THIS sucker coming!

Samuel L. Jackson, please save us all from Hoff on a Plane!

Go here, now: http://www.knight-foundation.com/hoffplane.html

Or just print up these jpegs in a size that fits your paper:

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